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Express yourself with generative themes.

Quickly generate custom themes based on the subject, mood, visual style, and color of your choosing. To get started, simply visit the Customize Chrome side panel, click Change theme, and then Create with AI.

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of AI in Chrome

AI is already used across Chrome in performance, productivity, accessibility, privacy, and security. Now generative AI features will make it even easier and more efficient to browse — all while keeping your experience personalized to you.

  • Start your chat with

    A new tab that says 'Chat with Gemini' and has '@ gemini — Chat with Gemini' highlighted as an option
    A search box that says 'Chat with Gemini' and has a query that says 'Help me plan a trip to Oaxaca'

    Type @Gemini in the desktop address bar, write a prompt, and get your response on You can get help with creative and complex tasks, like planning a trip or learning more about a new topic.

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  • Write with confidence.

    A shorter entry asking if someone can bring their dog, expanded into a longer text form with more detail about someone bringing their dog to a property.

    We’ve made it easier to put your thoughts into words, whether you want to leave a well-written review, craft a friendly RSVP, or make an inquiry about an apartment rental. To get started, right-click a text box in Chrome and select Help me write.

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  • Automatic tab group suggestions.

    Tab groups are helpful, if you create them. With Tab organizer, Chrome can automatically suggest and create groups from your open tabs. Just right-click on a tab and select Organize Similar Tabs or click the drop-down arrow to the side of your tabs.

    Learn more about Tab organizer
    A section of a browser with tabs open about rental cars, sushi, and visiting Tokyo. Below, there is tab group suggestion that says 'Japan Trip' with a Cherry Blossom emoji.

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